Would You Like Some Vinegar with That?

Although previous studies show that vinegar improves insulin sensitivity in healthy or insulin-resistant subjects, information on the effect of vinegar in people with type 1 diabetes has been lacking—until now. A study involving 10 people with type 1 that was published in the February 2010 issue of Diabetes Care showed that consuming 30 ml of vinegar (about two tablespoons) five minutes before eating a standardized meal reduced their post-meal blood glucose spike by 20 percent.

Why? Nobody knows for sure yet, but we do know that vinegar delays how quickly food empties from your stomach, and vinegar may also enhance glycogen repletion in liver and muscle. Regardless of why it works, it’s something to consider, especially when you’re eating a meal that is likely to cause a rise in your blood sugar! Vinegar, anyone?


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