New Book on Weight Loss by Dr. Sheri

September brought the release of my latest book, co-written with Matt Hoover, winner of “The Biggest Loser 2” reality TV show. The title of the book is Matt Hoover’s Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight: Winner of The Biggest Loser TV Show.. Read on for more information about the book.

Matt Hoover’s Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight

Co-written by Matt Hoover, winner of “The Biggest Loser 2” reality TV show and Dr. Sheri Colberg, a PhD in exercise physiology with a lot of professional experience with exercise and weight management, this book tells it like it is when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Told largely through Matt Hoover’s experiences, this book also contains the latest research on weight loss and more from the experts. No other book gives you the real story about what goes on behind the scenes on “The BIggest Loser” or tells you about the real-life struggles of someone who has lost almost 50 percent of his body weight when his life gets back to normal after being in the spotlight that is national TV fame (perpetuated by his later marriage to the show’s second runner-up, Suzy Preston, and the birth of the first “Biggest Loser” baby, with another son currently on the way).

All “losers” are truly winners when it comes to weight loss. “Reality TV” shows like “The Biggest Loser” series on NBC (currently it its fifth season) may not be very reality-based, but people love them regardless, as evidenced by the thousands of hopefuls showing up for their casting calls and the millions who watch them each week. Matt Hoover was one of those people who, at a nadir of his life and a peak of his body weight, shook off his apathy and got himself selected as a contestant on “The Biggest Loser 2.”

A former wrestler who had attended the University of Iowa, Matt began the competition weighing a whopping 339 pounds. After losing 109 pounds during the show’s production (more weight than any other contestant during filming), he dropped an additional 48 pounds on his own after returning home, giving him a total weight loss of 157 pounds and a season finale weigh-in of 182 pounds—almost one half of his starting weight. His remarkable accomplishment earned him the Biggest Loser 2 grand prize title, a $250,000 windfall, and the hearts and admiration of millions of viewers.

How did he do it? The show employs the tried-and-true method of weight loss popularly known as “diet and exercise” (even though most people are looking for the quick and easy gimmick to fix their weight problems). The viewing audience saw Matt grunting, sweating, dieting, and even crying, but a lot more went on during those months than met the eye, particularly when he was sent home and left to his own devices to continue losing more.

Anyone can lose weight on a diet. But maintaining the motivation to lose over 150 pounds and keeping it off are the real challenges, and that is exactly what this heartfelt book will teach you.

Click here to find a link to purchase a copy of this book.


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