Nutrition and Fitness with Diabetes

Which fad diet haven’t you tried yet? Atkins? The South Beach Diet? The Hamptons Diet? Sugar Busters? The Cabbage Soup Diet? The Pineapple and Coconut Diet? (OK, I admit I made that last one up.) Did you know that if you type in “diet” or “weight loss” into an online search engine such as Google, you get more than 42,000,000 hits for each one?

Best-selling diets and diet books are a dime a dozen, and all they really do is lead to a lot of confusion about what constitutes good nutrition. Besides, if diets really worked, why would we need to keep trying so many different ones? “Diet” truly is a four-letter word, if you catch my drift. If you remember nothing else, wrap your mind around this one point: diets don’t work–at least not over the long haul–for almost anyone. If you truly want to become fit and to control your body weight and your diabetes, you are going to have to accept the fact that dieting is not an effective way to achieve or sustain your health goals–or to maintain a healthy emotional relationship to food in general.

Although healthier eating is undeniably important for your health, becoming more nutritionally fit will not necessarily coincide with any fad diet’s mantra. What you do need to do is to adopt some healthier eating practices to go along with your more active lifestyle). So, before you swear allegiance to “low carb,” “low fat,” or any other unbalanced dietary plan, read the rest of this step to learn how better food choices are an integral part of achieving fitness with diabetes.

Come back next week for more discussion on the topics of nutrition and diabetes fitness.


One thought on “Nutrition and Fitness with Diabetes

  1. gretchen

    It’s all a matter of semantics.

    What is a “fad diet”? It’s a diet that doesn’t agree with the principles the person using that term doesn’t agree with. Some people consider the Food Pyramid to be a fad diet.

    What is “healthier eating”? Dean Ornish would say it’s eating very little fat. Richard Bernstein would say it’s eating very little carbohydrate.

    What is “dieting”? It’s paying attention to what we eat. When we have diabetes we have to pay attention to what we eat.

    For many people with type 2, simply exercising more and eating more fruits and vegetables doesn’t do the job.


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